Let me introduce myself...

I am 28 years old and was born in Le Mans, a medium city in the French Loire Valley.

After completing a French engineering degree with honours, I moved to Paris and joined a financial company where I worked for 3 years in an international team.I took part in the maintenance and development of a fast financial data entry software in C++. There, I learned the importance of code quality, having to work on a 30 year old product.

In order to keep evolving, I crossed the Channel and moved to London. I joined a team in charge of migrating an on-premise data warehouse to the Cloud. After increasing the code coverage myself from 7% to 60% on the legacy solution, I actively took part in designing the new AWS architecture. With the support of my manager I also started mentoring new team mates. I then got certified as an AWS Developer by Amazon.

I later left employment and co-founded Yellowstones Digital with my partner in order to make tools for freelancers. Our first product, bobcaat, is already available.

As a freelancer, I collaborated with a French researcher and developed an innovative blockchain in pure Python to protect and use personal data. I then integrated the blockchain in a web browser we developed in Python/React.js/Electron.


My approach to development

To me, code quality matters as much as the result. Good code needs to be optimised, flexible and clearly readable by fellow developers. I care about naming and commenting. It is the best way to quickly pass on or come back to a project.

In order to craft the right product, understanding your need is key. More than a code writer, you deserve someone who gets what you want and can help you move forward. I will make sure good communication is established with my client. I see myself more as a partner than an implementor and I try to offer alternative options with best result in mind.

If you would rather migrate an existing solution, I would also be happy to help. Refactoring has become my specialty over my past two positions in companies.


What you can expect from me

Whether you are looking for a website, a RESTful API or a background application, I can help. I do back- and front- end, have a taste for UI and like complex algorithms as well.

Below showcases how I position myself in each technology I know.

I have been working with python since my first year as an employee. Use cases have varied: UI for a monitoring tool, Script for scraping data from APIs or as part of Spark to process large amounts of data in the cloud. It is also the language I rely on for the backend of bobcaat, my company's product.

I even designed a test based on all the books I read about it here.




5 years

Some of my work

Here are the companies I worked for and what I did for them.

Development of a pure python blockchain & a React/Node.js client web browser.

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Architecture & implementation of an AWS/Python cloud data warehouse.

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Low-level C++ software to ease fast entry of financial data.

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Use of multithreading to increase graphics performance of a Java radar UI.

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bobcaat, social media management tool, by Yellowstones

I co-founded Yellowstones with my partner Cecilia Devitt-Barbecot in 2019 with a mission.

Every year, many venture into self-employment. At Yellowstones, we want to support these professionals so they can focus on what they do best. We want to bring tools and advice at the fairest price. People who seize opportunities, build and contribute to the working world must be encouraged.

bobcaat is the first link to what we hope will be a very long chain. Having worked in social media management ourselves, we noticed that the current market does not meet the growing and ever-changing needs of professionals, and those of freelancers even less. This is an issue we want to address. Whether you charge by the project or by the hour, having better performing tools will help you be more productive, satisfy your customers better and position yourself as a true expert.

Beyond performance itself, we decided to create bobcaat in an effort to make productivity tools more affordable and more flexible. As a freelancer, you do not necessarily have the same clients from one month to the next. This is why you can switch from one plan to another anytime, depending on how many clients you have. Or you sometimes go through dry spells. In which case you can pause your membership and avoid paying for a tool you do not use.

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